Guide to the Christmas business

How you as a retailer can master the Christmas business!

Online retail is booming. The coronavirus pandemic and the associated lockdowns have forced all retailers that do not belong to the daily needs sector to temporarily close their stores. For this reason, many retailers have opened an online shop to sell their goods.

In the following section, we have put together a short guide with four important points to help you provide your customers with a pleasant shopping experience (online & offline). This will also help you as a retailer to enjoy Christmas.

Create visibility on digital channels

Once your online shop, including a payment system, is set up, we recommend that you build up digital marketing channels and fill them with product-related content. You can also use data-based online advertising to make your shop more well-known.

Make your IT system landscape scalable

To ensure that your shop can cope with the high traffic, we recommend that you implement your current system landscape in a way that is compatible with software solutions that can be quickly integrated. Especially at peak times, when you have the most traffic, you should ensure that your server capacity is measurable.

To ensure that nothing stands in the way of your Christmas business, we recommend using various tools, such as tools for processing click & collect or reservation processes, and training your employees accordingly.

Creating an all-round experience – linking online and offline

Create a shopping experience for your customers. Delight your customers across all channels. Use various omnichannel services such as Click & Collect or Click & Meet and offer different payment and return options to give customers more choice. You should make these services visible in your online shop so that your customers have all the information at a glance.

Establish e-commerce fulfillment processes

Work with fulfillment partners to make your warehousing and shipping processes as simple as possible. After connecting your shop to the system, you send your goods to the warehouse that is most lucrative for you and your shop.

You will always have an overview of all your processes and can view all relevant data in real time and in a completely transparent manner at any time.

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