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    Do you run a Magento online shop?

    With Magento, you as a shop owner can manage your products efficiently, use integrated payment and shipping options and create a user-friendly website that is easy to use for both customers and shop owners. In June 2018, the complete sale of Magento to Adobe Inc. was announced

    As a fulfilment service provider, we can help you as a shop owner to process your orders efficiently. We take care of the storage, packaging and shipping of products, saving you time and resources. We also offer customer service services such as returns management and shipping status for customers.

    Magento fulfilment service provider - Efficient solutions for your shop

    YouSellWeSend is an experienced provider of fulfilment services that professionally processes your Magento shop’s orders. The main goal of every online retailer is to increase their sales figures. However, without a reliable fulfilment service provider, it is almost impossible to scale a successful e-commerce business. With YouSellWeSend and our network of logistics partners, you can grow without limits.
    We integrate our warehousing system with Magento, giving us access to your orders so we can fulfil them for you. We pick and pack the order according to your specifications and then ship it to your customers with a shipping service provider of your choice. We are also happy to accept returns and can cover various return processes. Don’t hesitate to ask us about our prices – without obligation!

    Time saving

    By outsourcing the fulfilment process to us, you can concentrate on your core business.

    Cost efficiency

    We offer competitive prices and help you to reduce your costs.


    Our services are flexible and adapt to your needs, regardless of the size of your company.

    Professional processing

    Our experienced team ensures fast and reliable order processing and smooth delivery to the buyer.

    Magento fulfilment service provider

    With our broad expertise and boundless enthusiasm for e-commerce, we are able to actively support you in expanding your business. Find out more about our Magento fulfilment terms and get a customised quote.

    free of charge & without obligation!

    We connect your shop and the products in 15 minutes

    Open Source

    Magento, originally an open source web shop solution, already offers many e-commerce functionalities as standard. The new owner is Adobe and there is now also a Pro version and managed services.

    Connect Magento

    The ability to install numerous additional extensions to integrate special functions makes handling the Magento online shop system extremely user-friendly. By using the Magento interface, all service-related data is easily transferred to our fulfilment centre. Perfect for medium to large shops.

    Store articles

    Send us your items and use our online application to keep track of deliveries. You can flexibly distribute your stock to our fulfilment centres as required. Your products are received and stored while the stock in your e-commerce shop is automatically updated.

    Start fulfilment

    As soon as a customer places an order in your online shop, the required information is automatically transferred to our system. We immediately start processing the order on the day it is received. When the parcel is dispatched, we immediately provide you with the tracking number.

    YouSellWeSend offers fulfilment services that allow you to seamlessly integrate Magento into our system and connect your shop with our warehouse. As soon as an order is received in your online shop, it is forwarded to our warehouse within seconds.
    In the warehouse, the order is automatically assigned to an employee who then selects and prepares the ordered items at a dispatch workstation. With the help of our logistics software WEMALO, we can also take into account specific requirements in the shipping process, such as

    As soon as the items are securely packed, the shipping label is created for the selected courier service. The parcel is then handed over to one of the available services: DHL, DPD, UPS or GLS. To track the progress of the shipment, the tracking number is forwarded directly to Magento. Your customers then receive a confirmation of dispatch and a link to track their parcel.

    Returns with Magento - Our portal for your customers

    YouSellWeSend now offers an integrated Magento platform that also provides a convenient returns portal for your customers. Through this portal, customers can easily select the items they wish to return and prepare them for dispatch to our warehouse. After stating their reasons for the return, customers are offered several options:

    • The customer bears the cost of the return label.
    • As the retailer, you cover the cost of the return label.
    • The customer is offered a voucher that can be applied to the shipping costs for the next order.

    These options offer your customers a flexible solution and make it easier for them to return unwanted items.

    Expand in e-commerce

    With us as your partner for goods despatch. We take over the organisation of your warehousing and deliveries!

    Your advantages with us:

    “YSWS has been our partner and service provider for shipping logistics and order processing for more than 3 years. The orders are processed quickly, reliably and professionally at the same time. We no longer have to worry about anything and can fully rely on YSWS.

    – Oliver Candiani

    Managing Director of bizness enabler GmbH

    free of charge & without obligation!