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Shopify Fulfillment

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    Do you sell with Shopify?

    With a shop system like Shopify, you are used to being able to create your shop quickly and easily, edit your products and, of course, sell them quickly.

    Shopify is connected to payment providers via plugins or the apps in the Shopify shop. You can also connect to a YouSellWeSend warehouse in the same way. Simple, isn’t it?

    Fulfilment solution from YouSellWeSend as a Shopify partner

    Shopify not only acts as a technology provider for online retailers, but also as an intermediary between companies and fulfilment service providers in Germany. As a trusted partner of Shop ify, we offer you simple integration and order processing plus a high level of data security.

    This creates effective collaboration and strengthens the connection between you and us. In particular, it also strengthens the trust between you and your customers.

    All in all, we offer you a comprehensive solution for your e-commerce business based on Shopify. The combination of an efficient Shopify fulfilment network and the seamless integration of the systems makes YouSellWeSend a valuable partner for companies that are successful in online retail.

    Time saving

    By outsourcing the fulfilment process to us, you can concentrate on your core business.

    Cost efficiency

    We offer competitive prices and help you to reduce your costs.


    Our services are flexible and adapt to your needs, regardless of the size of your company.

    Professional processing

    Our experienced team ensures fast and reliable order processing and smooth delivery to the buyer.

    Shopify fulfilment service provider

    With our experience and passion for online retail, we can help you grow your business and be successful. Find out more about our Shopify fulfilment prices. Simply get a quote.

    free of charge & without obligation!

    We connect your shop and the products in 15 minutes


    Shopify is becoming increasingly popular. The uncomplicated cloud solution removes many hurdles for online retailers – such as the GDPR directive or connecting payment providers. If you sell your goods online via Shopify, we can easily connect to your system.

    Connect Shopify

    All service-relevant data is transferred to our fulfilment centre via the Shopify interface. This includes the item master data, such as dimensions (your storage volume is also calculated on this basis) and weight (important for shipping).

    Store articles

    Send us your goods and keep track of your deliveries effortlessly with our web app. Distribute your stock flexibly across our fulfilment centres as required.

    Your products are received and stored there. The inventory in your shop then shows the stock level.

    Start fulfilment

    When an order is received in the Shopify shop, the data is automatically forwarded to us. We start processing the order on the same day. When the goods are dispatched to the customer, we transfer the tracking number to your shop. This allows you to see the status of an order directly in your own backend.

    With YouSellWeSend as your fulfilment service provider, you can quickly migrate Shopify, i.e. very easily connect Shopify to our system. As soon as an order is received in your online shop, it reaches our warehouse in seconds. There, the order is automatically transferred to an employee.

    The ordered items are picked and prepared for dispatch at a workstation. Thanks to the use of our WEMALO logistics software, we can take your individual requirements into account in the shipping process, such as

    After the goods have been packed, the shipping label of the parcel service provider of your choice is created and the parcel is handed over to DHL, DPD, UPS or GLS. The tracking number of the shipment is immediately transmitted to Shopify for tracking purposes. Your buyers will now receive confirmation of dispatch from Shopify and a link for tracking the shipment.

    Returns with Shopify - Our portal for your customers

    By connecting Shopify to YouSellWeSend, you also have a returns portal available for your customers. Here, your customer can select the orders they want to prepare for return to our warehouse. Once they have entered the reasons for the return, the following options are available to them, depending on your specifications:

    • Returns delivery note (customer bears the costs of the return shipment)
    • Return label (you bear the costs of the return shipment)
    • Voucher (the customer receives a voucher for the shipping costs for the next order)

    Expand in e-commerce

    with us as your fulfilment partner. We take care of your logistics!

    Your advantages with us:

    “YSWS has been our partner and service provider for shipping logistics and order processing for more than 3 years. The orders are processed quickly, reliably and professionally at the same time. We no longer have to worry about anything and can fully rely on YSWS.

    – Oliver Candiani

    Managing Director of bizness enabler GmbH

    free of charge & without obligation!

    Customer-centred services for satisfied Shopify buyers

    A central focus of YouSellWeSend Fulfilment is customer satisfaction. As soon as buyers place a Shopify order, we guarantee fast, precise processing and short delivery times. This ensures a positive shopping experience.

    Satisfied shoppers are much more likely to order again and are more likely to recommend your online shop to others. This has an additional marketing effect for your business.

    Scalable Shopify solutions for different company sizes

    The YouSellWeSend network offers scalable fulfilment solutions that can be adapted to the needs of different Shopify merchants. Whether it is an aspiring start-up or an established company. The flexibility of the YouSellWeSend platform allows logistics solutions to be customised to the specific requirements and growth potential of each merchant.

    Opening the door to new markets

    One of the biggest challenges for Shopify merchants who want to tap into the international market is the efficient handling of shipping and logistics. YouSellWeSend offers a comprehensive network that enables merchants to ship their products worldwide with minimal effort.
    The partnership between Shopify and YouSellWeSend gives merchants the opportunity to distribute their goods globally without having to worry about the complex logistical details.

    Outlook for the future: Further opportunities for Shopify merchants

    The partnership between Shopify and YouSellWeSend opens up a wide range of opportunities for international growth. The continuous development of technologies and logistics processes will enable Shopify merchants to further expand their presence in global markets. With YouSellWeSend as a reliable partner, merchants can optimise their international strategy and successfully market their products worldwide.
    Overall, the cooperation between Shopify and YouSellWeSend offers a promising perspective for merchants who want to expand their reach beyond national borders. By efficiently integrating logistics solutions, Shopify merchants can focus their time and resources on developing innovative products and expanding their business on a global scale.