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With our software and the connected customer dashboard we create transparency and controllability of our logistic processes.

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The YSWS Customer Dashboard

Connected to the warehouses for insight and control of logistics processes

The Customer Dashboard is an application for YSWS customers. Each YSWS customer has Access to the YSWS Dashboard and uses the dashboard as a daily work interface. The application offers direct contact with the teams at YSWS and has direct access to the data in the warehouse software that all YSWS warehouse sites use. YSWS customers use the dashboard for configuration, control, monitoring, and analysis of their e-commerce logistics processes and to ensure efficient communication with the contact persons at YSWS.

The YSWS customer dashboard is developed by the YSWS team and is fully geared for use by YSWS customers. The Dashboard is constantly being developed by the technical teams at YSWS so that functionalities are added and optimized.

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Ultra-fast onboarding

YSWS customers can usually within a few days. Start storing and shipping packages to their customers.

The onboarding process is standardized and is implemented by a YSWS team specialized in this area. YSWS customers also have the option of individual requirements and configurations to implement with YSWS colleagues.

1. Integration

After a API user has been created and access to the customer system is available, the YSWS interface can be be connected to the customer system.

2. Test

The interface is opened and the product data is sent to YSWS. This ensures that the interface in live mode. works correctly.

3. Configuration

After product, order, inventory data. has been exchanged correctly, YSWS configures the logistical details together with the customer.

4. Start

Following a successful test order, the initial delivery is scheduled, the goods are scanned, collected and posted. Already your shipping starts!

YSWS Dashboard

Demo access

YSWS customers work with the dashboard on a daily basis. It has a wide range of configuration and control options.

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YSWS Returnsportal

Returns management made easy

YSWS also offers you your own returns portal where your customers can easily register their returns.

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