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    Optimize your e-commerce with Billbee & Fulfillment Services

    Want to know why it’s beneficial to work with a fulfillment service provider when using Billbee? A fulfillment service provider can be a huge relief for your business and significantly reduce your workload. If you use Billbee, you already know about the many benefits of this automated order fulfillment system.

    Billbee offers an efficient way to manage orders and optimize the shipping process. It’s also quick and easy to set up and allows for seamless integration with platforms like Shopify or Amazon. But this is where we come into play as a fulfillment service provider: We take care of all the logistics for you.

    YouSellWeSend. Billbee experts with a comprehensive fulfillment solution

    If you are an online store operator using Billbee, it is beneficial to engage us as your fulfillment service provider. As experts with years of experience in Billbee fulfillment, we can provide a seamless end-to-end process that allows you to focus on growing your business. By outsourcing storage, packaging and shipping logistics to us, you can save valuable time and resources that you can use for other strategic tasks.

    You also benefit from our comprehensive infrastructure and optimized processes. We have a high-performance warehouse and picking system that ensures your orders are processed quickly and accurately. Our partnerships with shipping service providers also enable cost-efficient shipping processing, including the ability to offer various delivery options.

    Time saving

    By outsourcing the fulfillment process to us, you can concentrate on your core business.

    Cost efficiency

    We offer competitive prices and help you to reduce your costs.


    Our services are flexible and adapt to your needs, regardless of the size of your company.

    Professional handling

    Our experienced team ensures fast and reliable order processing and delivery to the buyer.

    Billbee Fulfillment Services

    With our extensive expertise and boundless enthusiasm for e-commerce, we actively support you in growing your business. Find out about our terms and conditions for Billbee Fulfillment and receive a customized offer.

    free of charge & non-binding

    In 15 minutes we will tie your shop and the products

    Billbee Fulfillment

    Billbee brings all common functionalities such as B. Payment options, shipping and monitoring already. If you want to start with a few articles in e-commerce, this system drives first-class.

    Connect Billbee

    Thanks to the user-friendly operation and the possibility of installing additional plugins for integrating special functions, the handling of the Billbee online shop system is extremely uncomplicated. With the help of the Billbee interface, all service data is easily transferred to our fulfillment center.

    Store the articles

    Send us your articles and keep an overview of the delivery with our online application. You can flexibly distribute your stocks to our Fulfillment Center, as required. Your products are received, stored and at the same time the inventory in your e-commerce shop is automatically updated.

    Start your Fulfillment now

    As soon as a customer gives up an order in your Billbee shop, the relevant information is automatically transferred to our system. We start the order processing immediately on the same day. As soon as the package is sent, we provide you with the shipment success.

    With Yousell-End as a provider of fulfillment services, you have the option of seamlessly integrating Billbee into our system and connecting your shop with our warehouse. As soon as an order is entered in your online shop, it will be forwarded to our warehouse within seconds.

    There, the order is forwarded automatically to an employee. The items ordered are compiled and prepared at the shipping workstation. With the help of our logistics software Wemalo, we can also take specific requirements into account in the shipping process, such as:

    As soon as the goods are properly packaged, the silence label is generated for the selected delivery service and the package is handed over to one of the following service providers: DHL, DPD, UPS or GLS. In order to track the progress of shipping, the tracking number is forwarded directly to Billbee. Your customers will then receive a confirmation of the shipping and a link to pursue the shipment status.

    Returns with Billbee - our portal for your customers

    By integrating Billbee, Yousellhers also enables a practical return portal for your customers. Here you can easily select the items that you want to send back and prepare them to our warehouse for the return shipping. As soon as the customer has given its reasons for the return, various options are available to him:

    The customer even bears the costs for the return delivery certificate.
    As a dealer, you cover the costs for the return label.
    The customer is offered a voucher that can be offset against the shipping costs the next time you order.

    These options offer your customers a flexible solution and thus make it easier for you to return undesirable articles. “

    Expanding with Billbee in e-commerce

    With us as a partner for shipping. We take over the organization of your warehousing and deliveries!

    Your advantages with us:

    “YSWS has been our partner and service provider for shipping logistics and order processing for more than 3 years. The orders are processed quickly, reliably and professionally at the same time. We don’t have to worry about anything anymore and can fully rely on YSSWs. “
    – Oliver Candiani
    CEO bizness enabler GmbH

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