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Fulfilment service provider costs. How are fulfilment costs actually calculated? And what do the individual logistics processes at YouSellWeSend cost?

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The basis for your trade calculation

Calculate and price fulfilment costs

The ability to plan logistics costs is extremely important for many companies in e-commerce in order to adjust margins and processes accordingly for the highest possible profit margin.

As every product and every company is very individual, there are no standard fulfilment costs and exact fulfilment prices can usually only be calculated by looking at key figures and definitions.

Amazon Fulfilment, for example, offers fixed, predictable costs. Here, the customer receives fixed fulfilment prices and can easily calculate them. This works well if your products fit exactly into Amazon’s grid and you do not have any individual requirements for the service and process.

Otherwise, the business model must be adapted accordingly. By doing so, however, you take away the opportunity to develop your own USPs in order to differentiate yourself from the competition. This is difficult with Amazon anyway, as only the price counts.

The more sophisticated a product is, the higher the processing costs in the warehouse.

It is therefore important to develop solutions together so that logistics costs remain low. As a basis, you should therefore assume 7-10 % in a retail calculation.

Our Fulfillment Offer

for standard processing

YouSellWeSend offers you standard fulfillment at fair prices; But we can also respond to individual requests. Here you will therefore find “from” logistics costs and a description of the simplest process for each logistics process. If more effort is required, the fulfillment prices will be adjusted accordingly. In order to be able to calculate more precisely, it is best to request an offer!

Fulfilment costs for

Incoming goods

from € 0.03 per part

Our simplest goods receiving system has a simple process: you deliver your goods from a few suppliers by pallet or parcel , sorted by type.

The boxes are labelled with quantities and product descriptions. A barcode is attached to all sales units. The more items you deliver in a box, the cheaper it is.

Stock price for


from € 12.90 per cubic metre

Your goods can be stored in boxes on pallets or in picking boxes on shelves. For goods that are over 80 cm tall or heavier, more expensive storage may be required.

Bear in mind when making your calculation: A beach chair that is in the warehouse for 7 months bears more storage costs, as no more sales can be made in the space than 100 USB sticks with many shipments.

Fulfilment prices for


per consignment from € 0.89

Your goods are already packed ready for dispatch and all we have to do is attach a shipping label. Although this rarely happens, it is the optimal solution in terms of costing.

However, the situation is usually different: customers order 1-3 products from your range. These must be packaged in such a way that nothing is damaged and it complies with the shipping service provider’s regulations.

Costs for


from € 2.95 per consignment

Shipping within Germany, the EU or worldwide with DHL, DPD, UPS or GLS. We have an interface to every shipping service provider and can therefore optimise the shipping costs structure for you.

For example, shipping with DHL Warenpost is inexpensive for shipments up to 1 kg including a consignment number, which we automatically transmit to your system.

Return costs in

Return costs in

from € 0.50 per return

Returns processing depends on many factors, so you always have to consider the conditions individually. If you use our returns portal, for example, processing will be cheaper.

If technical devices have to be checked and data deleted, it will of course be more expensive. The simplest process is to accept the return and dispose of it immediately, as is the case with food, for example.

Setup costs

Shop connection & Co


Almost all retailers have an online shop. YSWS can connect to all common shop systems so that stocks and order status can be updated just in time.

Support and tests are charged on a time and material basis but can already be included in the offer. We also set up your retailer dashboard access for you. This gives you a constant overview of all processes at YouSellWeSend – your fulfilment service provider.

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What can you do to reduce your fulfilment costs?

Reduce fulfilment costs

So that you don’t generate such high fulfilment costs, your products and the processing of an order should cause as little work as possible in the warehouse. Logically, the more work, the higher the costs. But what is involved in warehousing and logistics processes?

Fulfillment Kosten Preise für Lagerung und Versand Abwicklung

What does fulfilment cost?

These key figures are decisive for fulfilment prices

For a logistics service provider, it is not only important to know how many cubic metres are to be stored, but also a trend of how quickly the goods turn over. In other words, how many consignments are dispatched each month.
How many different products are to be stored and dispatched? The handling effort for your stored goods is also one of the decisive cost factors. Do the items arrive ready for dispatch or do they need to be specially packaged for the customer order?
Fulfilment providers differ particularly in how their prices are made up and how many additional individual options are available.

Amazon with its FBA (Fulfilment by amazon) has selected its customer target group very carefully with a very high price per square metre in the strongest sales months of October to December of currently 38.52 euros* per cubic metre: Only fast movers with many shipments in standard handling should become happy customers here.

To add weight to this, amazon adds a further 37 euros* per cubic metre long-term storage fee to the stored items after one year.

*Items in certain categories and locations other than Germany may vary in price. As of 4 September 2022, information without guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are fulfilment costs?

Fulfilment costs refer to the costs incurred when processing orders. These include various processes such as storage, order picking, packaging, shipping and returns processing.
Fulfilment costs can vary depending on the provider and type of service. They often depend on factors such as warehouse rental, personnel, packaging materials, shipping costs and returns management.
Companies that use fulfilment services can save time and resources as they can concentrate on their core business while the service provider takes care of the logistical processes.
It is important to accurately calculate and monitor fulfilment costs to ensure the profitability of the business. Through efficient fulfilment management, companies can optimise their processes and increase customer satisfaction.

Fulfilment includes various services that serve to efficiently handle a company’s entire ordering process. These include

  • Warehousing – Warehousing involves the organisation and management of stock to ensure that products are available quickly.
  • Picking – During picking, the ordered items are taken from the warehouse and prepared for despatch.
  • Packaging – Packaging is done according to the requirements of the product and the shipping route to ensure safe delivery.
  • Shipping products to customers – Shipping includes selecting the carrier and managing the shipping process until delivery to the customer.
  • Returns management – Processing returns properly.

Through efficient fulfilment, companies can save time and resources while increasing customer satisfaction through fast and reliable deliveries.

In order to optimise fulfilment costs and make them more efficient, it is advisable to carry out a detailed analysis of your current processes. Identify bottlenecks and inefficient processes that could increase time and costs.
By implementing automated systems and using data-based decisions, you can realise potential savings and ensure smoother processing. Not only can you reduce costs, but you can also increase customer satisfaction through faster delivery times.

In order to optimise fulfilment costs and make them more efficient, it is advisable to carry out a detailed analysis of your current processes. Identify bottlenecks and inefficient processes that could increase time and costs.
By implementing automated systems and using data-based decisions, you can realise potential savings and ensure smoother processing. Not only can you reduce costs, but you can also increase customer satisfaction through faster delivery times.

In today’s highly competitive world, it is crucial to make fulfilment processes as efficient as possible.
An important step in improving the quality and cost efficiency of your services is outsourcing to an automated warehouse management system. By automating order processing, stock control and delivery, you can not only minimise errors, but also save time and money.

By continuously optimising your fulfilment processes and making cost savings, you can not only ensure more efficient processes in your company, but also increase customer satisfaction.
Faster shipping, more accurate inventory and improved delivery times will not only save you time, but also improve service quality.
Efficient fulfilment processes also mean fewer errors and returns, which in turn leads to a positive image and greater customer loyalty.

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