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Please understand that we edit individual offers only for customers which have (or within 6 months announced) 500 shipments per month.

Our standardized fulfillment offer conveniently takes over the storage of your items and the time-consuming packing process. Have a look at our offer page – a successful cooperation between is a few clicks away! For everything else, please give send us an email.

You need storage capacity in Germany and within other parts of Europe?

Many companies are looking for flexible storage options due to the corona virus and lock-down.

No problem, we are here to help! Simply send us a message and your goods will be stored quickly and easily.

We offer you full control over your goods stored at YouSellWeSend. Our IT connects to your system quickly and easily thanks to our revolutionary architecture. With our customer portal myYouSellWeSend you have full insight into your areas in the warehouse and can, among other things enter shipping orders directly online. Fast, transparent, uncomplicated!


Speed, reliability & transparency

YouSellWeSend guarantees you quick storage and retrieval of your goods at all locations. Your orders will be processed within 24 hours on working days (Mon-Fri). All locations have ramps. In addition, some storage locations offer organic certification, hazardous substance storage, high racks and much more!

We offer you the greatest advantage with our customer portal myYouSellWeSend! This management system gives you access to your inventory and allows you to process the orders submitted to us.

You have already found a warehouse location but you need software that will make this warehouse operational within 2 days?

YouSellWeSend software is set up within an hour. All you need is an internet connection, a browser-compatible device, a scanner and a printer. Your warehouse is operational immediately!