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The basis for your trade calculation

The ability to plan logistics costs is extremely important for many entrepreneurs in e-commerce in order to adjust margins and processes accordingly for the highest possible profit margin. Since every product and every company is very individual, there is no standard in fulfillment and exact prices can usually only be given by looking at key figures and definitions. A fixed size that can be planned offers e.g. B.Amazon Fulfillment. Here, the fulfillment customer receives fixed prices and can easily calculate. This also works quite well if your products fit exactly into Amazon’s grid and you have no individual wishes in terms of service and the process. Otherwise, the business model must be adjusted accordingly. However, this means that a company loses the opportunity to develop its own USPs in order to differentiate itself from the competition. Difficult at Amazon anyway, where only the price counts. The more demanding a product is, the higher the costs of handling it in the warehouse, driving up the costs enormously. It is important to work out solutions together so that the unexpected logistics costs remain low. As a basis, you should therefore assume 20% in the retail calculation and end up at 13-16% with increasing sales and a low return rate.

Sample calculation for a product

with net prices

Revenue from sales100.00 €
Purchasing including transport and delivery– 30.00 €
Logistics costs storage & shipping– 20.00 €
Marketing effort for €100 in sales– 25.00 €
Sales reduction through returns (return rate 5%)– 5.00 €
Return costs 5-8 € at 5% approx.– 0.60 €
Earnings before taxes19.40 €

Which key figures are decisive for the prices in fulfillment?

For a logistics service provider, it is not only important to know how many cubic meters are to be stored, but also how quickly the goods are moving. So how many shipments are sent per month. How many different products should be stored and shipped? The handling effort for the products is also decisive. Do the products arrive already ready for dispatch or do they have to be specially packaged for the customer order? Fulfillment providers differ in particular in how their prices are made up and how many additional individual options are available.

Amazon with its FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) has selected its customer target group very precisely with a very high price per square meter in the busiest months of October to December of currently EUR 38.52* per cubic meter: Only fast-moving items with many shipments in standard handling should become happy customers here. In order to give the whole thing more weight, amazon will add a further 37 euros* per cubic meter long-term storage fee to the stored items after one year.

*Items in certain categories and locations other than Germany may vary in price. As of September 4, 2022. Information without guarantee.


Goods Receiptper item from €0.15 or €0.85 per box depending on individual requirements and fulfillment of delivery guidelines
StoragecostsUsually dependent on the volume and turnover of the products. The longer a product lies, the more expensive the storage costs become. You should calculate at least €13.00 per square meter per cubic meter.
Pick & PackDepending on the size and weight as well as the packaging effort, the process in the warehouse costs from €0.95, whereby the goods are usually packaged ready for dispatch.
ShippingcostsWith increasing energy costs, an average of €4.15 must be assumed for parcel service providers for standard shipments of up to 3 kg, although this can always be negotiated individually with DPD, DHL or UPS. There are often differences depending on the region, e.g. B. new distribution centers have to be filled.
ReturncostsAt least €2.50 can be expected for acceptance, sorting and processing. Unless products are to be collected and disposed of.

What can I do for low fulfillment costs?

For not generatinmg such high fulfillment costs, your products and orders should cause as little work in the warehouse as possible. Logically, the more effort, the higher the costs. But what is actually involved in the warehouse and in logistics processes?

  • Your products should be clearly labeled with unique scannable barcodes (EAN barcodes).
  • You should always send your goods organized according to type to the storage location and register this goods receipt.
  • If your shopping carts often only contain one item, it can also be interesting to deliver the goods directly ready for dispatch or to have them packed directly in the warehouse as in production, so that the warehouse only has to attach the shipping label.
  • Ensure a high turnover rate of the items and optimize your inventory so that you only store the goods that you will sell in the next few weeks.
  • Returns are the key cost driver in logistics, so you should focus on reducing returns
    • Real and good product photos
    • No false promises
    • Good fit information for fashion goods

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What customers say about YouSellWeSend

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“With YSWS, we are independent of a single warehouse because YSWS acts as a partner and also as an arbitrator – as a third party between the warehouse and us, who simply makes sure that everything works. At the same time, you have a certain transparency and overview of the processes and order backlogs. The YSWS ticket system makes it easy for us to keep track of the current status of a request. That’s great because we never lose track.”

Roberto Lettow, Managing Director

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“I definitely recommend YSWS. The dashboard is clear and simple and the best thing is that the support works so well. You get help very quickly and a solution is worked out – that’s TOP.”

Dennis Grätsch, Managing Director

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