Pricing & Requirements

Through our standardized processes, we offer professional fulfillment at a high level! Our prices apply exclusively to the processes of YouSellWeSend. They are aimed exclusively at commercial customers and are plus the law. VAT.. Try us!

All services are aimed exclusively at commercial customers and are plus VAT.


Connection & SetUp

If you want to use YouSellWeSend, we have to connect to your shop-system. You use Shopware, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce or PlentyMarkets*. Amazon and eBay can be connected directly at your shop.  Each interface must be tested in advance. Per interface test, we charge 100 euros. In addition, we must create you as a client in our warehouse (+ one-time 100 euros).


19,90 €*


*  Plentymarkets, Magento and Shopware have to be modified partially and entail SetUp fees. WooCommerce and Shopify may be connected free of charge. Please mind that your shop system has to be up-to-date to our interface .


Good receipt

For shipping your goods you need to take care of the following points:

  • Your goods get delivered in unmixed cartons
  • On your unmixed packages is a barcode for your item
  • The carton has maximum measures about 60x40x40 cm & must weight less than 25 kg
  • Every item has its own barcode

0,15 €

per item

Do you have special demands?
No problem. Get an individual offer from us.



Your products are stored on paletts and picking shelves. The bill takes place by the basics of your goods measures which we recieve on interface or in a CSV data from you. Computation is made daily. So you only pay for the goods that you actually have in our warehouses.

*  Minimum volume settlement per SKU 0.025 qbm

12,90 €*

per cbm/month

Lager Versand Fulfillment Hamburg Europa


Picking & Packing

We are packing your goods in brown cartons with fill material. Every shipment gets a delivery note. We can also create a return note with return label. Both are individualized so that your customers can recognize your shop. On request we can put a flyer to each shipment.

1,15 €

per item


Package shipping


We are sending our packages via DHL in Germany. But also from letter delivery to pallets.



* or use our account with 3,60 € to 2 KG. 3,90 € to 5 KG. + Island surcharges within Germany. Of course, also letter items or even pallet shipping are possible.


We are shipping our packages via GLS to Austria, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

You simply use your own contract and we include your customer ID in our system.

You do not have an account? No problem. We can ship your goods via our account!



Returns processing

A customer declares a return at your shop. You get in touch with us and create the return label. Now we can handle the return quickly. We are opening up the package, check the items and put un-opened products back into stock. Every further products is going to quarantine stores. You decide if we should furthermore store the items in our warehouses or if we should send them right back to you.

1,50 €


Or you state your address as the returnaddress.

0,00 €