The ActionDashboard
for fulfillment customers

YouSellWeSend provides free access to myYouSellWeSend – the YouSellWeSend customer portal – for you.

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ActionDashboard – a whole overview

Through our customer portal, we offer you maximum transparency, easily accessible support and direct access to all your data relating to orders and warehouse processes.

By default, we transmit all relevant data to your ERP or shop system. However, since some systems cannot process all information, we also offer you a transparent insight into our logistics with the customer portal.

Sceenansicht des myYouSellWeSend Kundenportals
Sceenansicht der Lagerbestände im myYouSellWeSend Kundenportal

Your products in the warehouse

On myYouSellWeSend you have everything in view, for example your goods and goods movements in real time.

You can store your goods at a YouSellWeSend location or spread them over several locations. Your customer portal gives you insight into where and how many goods are located, e.g. are reserved and how much storage volume the individual items occupy.

Register goods receipts

On myYouSellWeSend you not only see all of your incoming goods at the YouSellWeSend locations, but you can also notify new incoming goods.

At myYouSellWeSend we provide you with an overview and the status of your incoming goods. In addition, you can conveniently register new goods receipts using an input mask.

Sceenansicht des Panels um Waren anzumelden im myYouSellWeSend Kundenprotal
Sceenansicht des integrierten Ticket-Systems im myYouSellWeSend Kundenprotal

Including support system

Our support team will be happy to help you if you need assistance. You can easily reach it directly via your myYouSellWeSend customer portal.

You can easily create new ticket requests or view the status of your current requests. You will receive feedback from the support team within the portal.

All this and many other features in the customer portal of YouSellWeSend

Convince yourself of the clear, active myYouSellWeSend customer portal with ActionDashboard and many useful functions related to your logistics and fulfillment.

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