We care for professional logistics, decrease your fixed costs and promote your growth

Whoever grows in ecommerce or mail order knows which commercial and logistic challenges must be mastered: an ever-growing volume of parcels is associated with bigger storage, new employees and additional pre-financing; this, in turn, causes higher responsibility for the processes, higher fixed costs and a higher risk if the growth does not develop as expected. So why not hand logistics over to professionals, keep fixed costs low and adapt the warehouse flexibly to the actual growth?
  • Fulfilment & logistics

    Thanks to professional equipment, we take over almost all tasks related to your ecommerce. From the design of the online shop to the operation and complete commercial processing– use one of our service modules! Of course we also store and ship your goods. In addition, you profit from our quick returns processing.

  • Decrease your fixed costs

    Due to our large range of logistics offers you no longer need any warehouse, accordingly no employees in shipment and no packaging materials. This leads to a reduction of your fixed costs.

  • Grow with flexibility and low risks

    The quicker you grow, the more we grow too. The slower the pace in growth, the more we hold ourselves back. There will be no risk through unnecessarily big storage areas, underworked employees or non-recyclable materials.

  • Simple, but comprehensive

    Regardless of whether you are just getting started or already generate a shipment volume of many thousand parcels per month, whether you have to move with your goods or want us to handle your import – we have tailor-made solutions for companies of any kind and size, which require professional support.